Mr.Amarjit Labhuram

Lead of the Threat Emulation team, CYBER RANGES

Amarjit Labhuram is the lead of the Threat Emulation team at CYBER RANGES specializing in Offensive Security and Red Teaming with over 10 years’ experience in infosec. His role involves regular training and guiding stakeholders on effective detection, response, and mitigation strategies. He has hands-on experience in Red Team and Adversary Simulation operations, where he hones his craft of offensive capability development.
He's particularly drawn to the intricacies of Microsoft Windows system programming and is actively engaged in research, which includes crafting custom implants and refining Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) for Simulated Attack missions. He proudly holds certifications like CRTE, SANS SEC565 Red Team Operations and Adversary Emulation, and CRTO, showcasing his expertise in the field.