Ms. Shamane Tan

Chief Growth Officer, Sekuro, Australia

A visionary influencer, Shamane Tan is passionate about uniting minds and experiences, excelling in aligning C-Suite and Board members with cyber security imperatives. As the author of "Cyber Risk Leaders," she unravels executive communication nuances and distills C-Suite expectations. Her work extends to "Cyber Mayday and the Day After," a roadmap for navigating crises by mining the wisdom of C-level executives from around the globe. It's filled with interviews with managers and leaders who've braved the crucible and lived to tell the tale. Her most recent book, "Building a Cyber Resilience: A Cyber Handbook for Executives and Boards," was featured on Forbes Australia's top list of books for CEOs.
Shamane has also founded a transcontinental cyber risk and executive meetup spanning Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Singapore, the Philippines, and Tokyo, fostering mentorship, women's empowerment and thought leadership. As a strong advocate for the importance of having a voice and helping others use theirs, Shamane Tan has spoken at TEDx and global conferences, including FS-ISAC, RSA, security associations in Silicon Valley, and ASX companies like Atlassian. As the Chief Growth Officer at Sekuro, a leading cyber security and digital resiliency solutions partner, Shamane leverages her unique fusion of technical prowess and business acumen to help organizations progress on their security maturity journey.