Summit Speakers

Cybersecurity Readiness in Fourth Industrial Revolution

<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=5' >Mr. Simon Forster</a>

Mr. Simon Forster

Commercial Director for Spamhaus
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=6' >Mr. Noufel Al-Fraikha</a>

Mr. Noufel Al-Fraikha

Working in a special unit under Prime Minister
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=7' >Mr. Hussain Al-Lwati</a>

Mr. Hussain Al-Lwati

Senior Specialist in the Department of Information Security and Standards – Royal Court
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=8' >Mr. Nouri Othman</a>

Mr. Nouri Othman

Network Security Engineer – Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, UAE
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=9' >Mr. Aaron Boyd</a>

Mr. Aaron Boyd

Chief Strategy Officer for ABI Research
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=10' >Mr. Khalid Gamo</a>

Mr. Khalid Gamo

Technology advisor, of Telecom and Information Minister – Libya-CERT

<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=11' >Mr. Kwangho KIM</a>

Mr. Kwangho KIM

President of National Security Research Institute
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=12' >Mr. Ayman Al Issa</a>

Mr. Ayman Al Issa

Chief Technologist & Senior Advisor in Industrial Cyber Security, Booz Allen Hamilton
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=13' >Mr. Simon Goldsmith</a>

Mr. Simon Goldsmith

Director Cyber Security (Commercial), Middle East
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=14' >Mr. AbdulHakeem Ajijola</a>

Mr. AbdulHakeem Ajijola

Executive Chairman, Consultancy Support Services (CS2) Ltd.
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=15' >Mr. Marco Obiso</a>

Mr. Marco Obiso

Cybersecurity Coordinator at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=16' >Dr. Nefyn Jones</a>

Dr. Nefyn Jones

Director Cyber Security, UK & Key Accounts

<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=17' >Mr. Mohammed Haroon</a>

Mr. Mohammed Haroon

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Accrete Technologies Sdn. Bhd.
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=18' >Dr. Salim Sultan Al-Ruzaiqi</a>

Dr. Salim Sultan Al-Ruzaiqi

Chief Executive Officer, Information Technical Authority (ITA) Oman
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=19' >Dr. Kyung Ho Chung</a>

Dr. Kyung Ho Chung

An Executive Vice President of Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA)
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=20' >Dr. Kisik, Chang</a>

Dr. Kisik, Chang

Advanced Technologies R&D Team Manager in Digital Forensics Center, Cyber Bureau
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=21' >Mr. Sebastian Madden</a>

Mr. Sebastian Madden

PGI’s Group Director for Cyber and Technology
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=22' >Mr. Luc Dandurand</a>

Mr. Luc Dandurand

Head of the ICT Applications and Cybersecurity Division

<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=23' >Mr. Ahmed Helmy</a>

Mr. Ahmed Helmy

Head of Incident Response Dept. at Egyptian Computer Emergency Readiness Team EG-CERT
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=24' >Dr. Sherif Hashem</a>

Dr. Sherif Hashem

Vice President for Cybersecurity at the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA), Egypt
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=25' >Dr. Wassim Ahmad</a>

Dr. Wassim Ahmad

Manager Information Security Center in the National Agency for Network Services
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=26' >Mr. Ebrahim Alhaddad</a>

Mr. Ebrahim Alhaddad

Regional Director, Arab Regional Office at International Telecom Union (ITU)
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=27' >Mr. Cyril Voisin</a>

Mr. Cyril Voisin

Regional Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Gulf
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=28' >Mr. Mohamed M. K. Elhaj</a>

Mr. Mohamed M. K. Elhaj

ITU-T SG17 Vice-chair, Sudan

<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=29' >Mr. Ahmed Husain</a>

Mr. Ahmed Husain

CEO, Reload (Private CERT)
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=30' >Mr. James Billingsley</a>

Mr. James Billingsley

Senior Solutions Consultant – Nuix
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=31' >Eng. Badar Ali Al-Salehi</a>

Eng. Badar Ali Al-Salehi

Director General – Oman National CERT
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=32' >Mr. Adel Abdel Moneim</a>

Mr. Adel Abdel Moneim

ITU Cybersecurity Expert
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=33' >Mr. Haythem El Mir</a>

Mr. Haythem El Mir

Cybersecurity consultant
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=34' >Mr. Maarten Van Horenbeeck</a>

Mr. Maarten Van Horenbeeck

President of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST)

<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=35' >Ms. Georgia Weidman</a>

Ms. Georgia Weidman

Security Consultant, Bulb Security LLC
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=6&ID=36' >Mr. Omar Shiren</a>

Mr. Omar Shiren