Summit Speakers

Cybersecurity Readiness in Fourth Industrial Revolution

<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=3&ID=2' >Eng. Badar Alsalehi</a>

Eng. Badar Alsalehi

Director General – Oman National CERT & Head of ITU Regional Cyber Security Center, Oman
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=3&ID=4' >Dr. Sherif Hashem</a>

Dr. Sherif Hashem

Vice President for Cybersecurity, National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA), Egypt
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=3&ID=51' >Eng. Ebrahim Alhaddad</a>

Eng. Ebrahim Alhaddad

Regional Director, Arab Regional Office, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=3&ID=43' >Mr. Mohamed Naoufel Frikha</a>

Mr. Mohamed Naoufel Frikha

Director General of the National Agency for Computer Security, Tunis CERT, Tunis
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=3&ID=50' >Mr. Thomas Schreck</a>

Mr. Thomas Schreck

FIRST Board Director, Siemens AG, Germany
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=3&ID=52' >Mr. Sami Trimech</a>

Mr. Sami Trimech

Director of Strategic Planning and development, AICTO , Tunis

<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=3&ID=57' >Mr. Jean-Robert Hountomey</a>

Mr. Jean-Robert Hountomey

Director, AfricaCERT