Summit Speakers

Cybersecurity Readiness in Fourth Industrial Revolution

<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=277' >Eng. Badar Alsalehi</a>

Eng. Badar Alsalehi

Director General – Oman National CERT & Head of ITU Regional Cyber Security Center, Oman
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=288' >Eng. Ebrahim Alhaddad</a>

Eng. Ebrahim Alhaddad

Regional Director, Arab Regional Office, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=322' >Dr. Henry James Pearson</a>

Dr. Henry James Pearson

HMG Cyber Advisor and NCSC Academic Ambassador
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=341' >Dr. Almerindo Graziano</a>

Dr. Almerindo Graziano

CEO of Silensec
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=333' >Dr. Sherif Hashem</a>

Dr. Sherif Hashem

Vice President for Cybersecurity, National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA), Egypt
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=324' >Mr. Dejan Nikolin </a>

Mr. Dejan Nikolin

Senior VP. Sales & Marketing, Computer Data Networks

<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=325' >Dr. Adel abdel-sadek </a>

Dr. Adel abdel-sadek

Expert at Security studies unite, Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=327' >Dr. Mary Haigh</a>

Dr. Mary Haigh

VP Product Management, Cyber Security, BAE SYSTEMS
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=328' >Ms. Miriam Howe</a>

Ms. Miriam Howe

Senior Cyber Consultant, BAE SYSTEMS
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=329' >Ms. Spinu Natalia</a>

Ms. Spinu Natalia

Head of the Cyber Security Center CERT-GOV-MD, S.E
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=330' >Dr. Reem Faraj Al-Shammari</a>

Dr. Reem Faraj Al-Shammari

Team Leader – Information Security at Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=331' >Mr. George Ezzat Attalla Abadir </a>

Mr. George Ezzat Attalla Abadir

Chief Executive Officer - EliteVAD

<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=332' >Mr. Göran Olsson</a>

Mr. Göran Olsson

CEO of Cypod Solutions DMCC
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=334' >Mr. Brian Lord</a>

Mr. Brian Lord

Director of PGI Cyber
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=337' >Mr. Vitaly Mzokov</a>

Mr. Vitaly Mzokov

Head of Verification | Growth Center
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=338' >Dr. Said Al Moqbali</a>

Dr. Said Al Moqbali

<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=339' >Mr. Khaled Gamo</a>

Mr. Khaled Gamo

Head of information security Dept. of Almadar Aljadid
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=340' >Colonel. MUBARAK FAHED Al HAJRI</a>


Cyber Warfare Head of Branch

<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=343' >Ms: Nahla Juma Al Balushi</a>

Ms: Nahla Juma Al Balushi

Head, Information Security Management Central Bank of Oman
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=344' >Colonel: Vic Macias </a>

Colonel: Vic Macias

Commander, 175th Cyberspace Operations Group
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=345' >Mr. Michel TANNOUS</a>

Mr. Michel TANNOUS

Enterprise Sales Engineer, Middle East
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=346' >Mr. Illimar Lepik von Wirén</a>

Mr. Illimar Lepik von Wirén

Head of International Relations at the NATO CCD COE
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=347' >Mr. Ayed Al Qartah</a>

Mr. Ayed Al Qartah

Consulting Systems Engineer
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=348' >Mr. Osama Abduo</a>

Mr. Osama Abduo

Principal Systems Engineer

<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=349' >Mr. Ahmed Khalifa</a>

Mr. Ahmed Khalifa

Cybersecurity Manager of Siemens in the Middle East and North Africa
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=13&ID=361' >Mr. Samer Abu Arisheh</a>

Mr. Samer Abu Arisheh

Cyber Security Sales Leader, Cisco Systems